Dune Movie and Books Review

As a science fiction fan, the Dune series has always had a special place for me. When I started the first book written by Frank Herbert, I did not know what kind of universe I was entering. I had never seen the earlier Dune movie, nor did I know anything about the books.

When I finished the first book, I was fascinated by Frank Herbert’s writing style and the characters he created. I’ve always liked books more where I can identify with the characters. Dune books are really good at putting ourselves in characters’ shoes. Afterwards, I bought the sequels and completed the series. I will not summarize the plot of Dune in this article. It may not be a meaningful article for those who do not know about the series. Let’s get started.

In my opinion, the place of the first 4 books is different from the last 2 books in the original series. Below I explain why I think so.

The following will contain spoilers for the Dune novels.


With the first books, we meet powerful characters. Like Paul, Jessica, Duncan or, for a short time, Leto Atreides. But in the Heretics of Dune and Chapterhouse: Dune, we lack a central character, there is Duncan Idaho, but he is very uninspired in the 5th book as if he was prepared for the 6th book. The best part of the last two books is that we met Mentat Bashar Miles Teg. But that alone is not enough. Anyway, back to the first 4 novels

” The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a reality to experience. “

Frank Herbert, Dune

Our story, which started with Paul Atreides, continues with Paul’s heir, Leto II. Finally, the story concludes with Leto’s transformation into a tyrant, walking the golden path for the continuation of Humanity’s existence and causing “The Scattering“. My favourite parts are Paul’s internal conflicts, especially in Dune Messiah. I was struck by Paul’s emotional state, as the Fremen saw him as their messiah, but he saw the consequences. Apart from that, the lifestyles and beliefs of the Fremen are described very strongly.

As you continue to read the series, you’re hooked on the size of the universe and the relationship between the actors. Politics between the houses are on thin ice, keeping you on the alert at all times. The dynamism of the relationship between different actors such as the Imperium, the Great Houses, the Guild Navigators, and the Bene Gesserit is one of the best aspects of the series. And, of course, the existence of the Spice, aka melange, on the planet Arrakis, the most critical substance in the universe, and the fights for it. Iconic storytelling that can be matched with many situations in the present day is seriously superb.

Dune Graphic Novel

What about the Movie?

When I heard that the Dune movie would remake, frankly, I didn’t have much expectation. I was one of those who thought that Dune was difficult to adapt into a film. But then, with the announcement of the director as Denis Villeneuve, the information about the actors, and the entrusting of their music to Hans Zimmer, I had great expectations. Was the long-awaited quality Dune movie finally coming true?

And after a one-year pandemic delay, we finally got the movie in fall 2021. Let me tell you first, I loved the movie. I watched it on the IMAX, so there was no way the scenes and music could not be enchanted. So here is my review.

Dune: Part One

By Denis Villeneuve

First of all, It was excellent runtime; the movie’s pace was determined in its decision. The IMAX scenes were pretty immersive. I was wondering what the opening scene of the movie would be like. I was also wondering where the ending would correspond to in the book. These were also entirely satisfactory. It made me happy to see references to the book in many scenes.
Sound & Music
Editing & Effects


Overall, it’s a good movie for both book-readers and those who haven’t. But, most likely, book readers are more likely to like it more than non-readers. So for me, it definitely deserves this rating.


What could have been better?

If I thought what could have been better, more details could have been given for some events in the movie for those who have not read the book. But considering the duration of the film, this may bore the general audience. So it looks like a balance has been struck. So I can understand.

The enormity of Jihad could have been better reflected. In addition, one could have been mentioned Imperial conditioning regarding Dr Yueh. Last but not least, there must have been a scene where Gurney Halleck plays the baliset.

As a result, at least one more Dune movie awaits us. See you in 2023 for Dune: Part Two review. But maybe before that, we get the extended edition for Dune: Part One.