Photo Walk in Istanbul #1 – Eminönü & Karaköy Areas

Living in a megacity of 16 million people like Istanbul often makes it difficult to see the beauties around us in the flow of life. That’s why I take photo walks from time to time to remember how lively the city is and how beautiful it is.

Tools I use:

– Camera: Fujifilm XT-20
– Lens: Fujinon XF-50mm f2
– Software: Adobe Lightroom

I take my camera and walk around the streets like a tourist. Because when you look at the world through the camera lens, you begin to notice details that you did not see before. As we approached the end of October, I took advantage of the beautiful weather and went for a walk in the tourist areas of Istanbul.

I started the walk from Sirkeci train station, crossing from Eminönü to Karaköy via the Galata bridge, where I ended the walk. Galata and Karaköy areas are among my favourite places in Istanbul. No matter how many times I have passed, a new detail welcomes me from its streets.
There is no need to describe the rest; I leave you alone with the photos.

Eminönü district has many pleasant surprises in its narrow streets for architecture lovers.

The view of the Galata bridge and the fishermen on it is one of the iconic images of Istanbul.

“If the world was only one country, Istanbul would be its capital!”

Napoleon Bonaparte

If you like the photos, leave a comment, and I will try to make more photo walks in different areas
of Istanbul