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Non-competitive Games on XBox Game Pass

Recently, I have been inadequate to play competitive games for a long time, probably due to the busyness of work and life. As a result, I turned to slow-paced and non-competitive games that I could finish in one sitting in the Xbox game pass library. This article will talk about 3 such games in the Game pass library as of November 2021.

The Artful Escape

This game is a visual feast. Published by Annapurna Interactive in 2021. We control a musician character named Francis Vendetti. We move forward in different places, making music with the guitar in hand. There are end-of-chapter challenges that you can beat by pressing certain key combinations. But none of them annoys you too much. I was able to finish the game in a short time, like 5 hours.

Metacritic XBox Score: 81

I’m sure you’ll stop and take screenshots a lot during the game. They’re all wallpaper-like. It is a game that you can finish without any difficulty but at the same time without boring you.

What Remains of Edith Finch

This game is even shorter than the previous game. I completed the game in 3 hours. Although it is short, it is not inferior. This game was also published by Annapurna Interactive in 2017. We control the last remaining member of the Finch Family, who witnessed different deaths for generations, takes place almost entirely within the Finch mansion. Our character wanders through the mansion, discovering how his family members died. The game has told us this beautifully with interesting little stories in itself.

Metacritic XBox Score: 92

The gameplay and tone of the stories are as varied as the Finches family member stories. All in all, an example of compelling storytelling that will plunge you into many different emotional states in this short gameplay time.

Donut County

Finally, this game has something different from other games because it was developed by a single person named Ben Esposito. Its publisher is again Annapurna Interactive, and it was published in 2018.

In Donut County, a pretty short game, we have one goal, to drag everyone in town their trash (and other belongings) into the hole. The game has an average playtime of 2 hours. With its cute characters, I can say that dragging all the stuff into a hole has an interestingly relaxing effect. 🙂

Metacritic XBox Score: 87

Finally, as you may have noticed, these 3 games have been published by Annapurna Interactive. That’s why I wanted to open a separate paragraph for this company before I finish the article. If you like this kind of casual and story-based game, you should definitely look at the other games published by this company.