Hello Everyone!

I’m Yusuf, a software engineer living in Istanbul. I’ve been blogging personally since 2013. But I haven’t written a new post on my “old blog” for a long time. So I’m starting this blog with a new domain for a fresh start.

I also have a separate technical blog about my work. You can find it here. I plan to make this blog not about business but purely personal, where I will share various pictures and articles about my hobbies. I used to write in Turkish in my old blog, which is my mother tongue, but now I plan to take things a little further and write this blog in English.

What will be on this blog? What are your hobbies? if you ask:

There will be plenty of photos because both digital photography and analogue photography are my main hobbies. Apart from that, I have a limited interest in ancient civilizations. That’s why I love to visit ancient cities. I am lucky that Turkey offers a vast catalogue on this subject.

Apart from these, I like to play games from Xbox whenever I have time; let’s not forget tabletop games! I am a fan of science fiction and fantasy literature. I’ve just started to get interested in CrossFit. I like to listen to all kinds of sub-genres of metal music, with melodeath being my favourite. If you want to suggest new songs or play games, you can always contact me.